Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sounds of Paganism #2

Today for Sounds of Paganism I'd like to spotlight one of my very favorite Pagan musicians, Damh (pronouced dah-v) the Bard.  Damh has a wonderful newly designed website at with links to facebook, youtube, twitter, and google plus, along with some samples of his fantastic music.  Along with his musical performances, Damh gives talks and workshops around the world on various topics within Paganism.  He has an interesting blog, and sells CDs, a songbook of some of his music, and mp3s as well.  I don't know if Damh will ever make it to the Treasure Valley, but I would certainly love the chance to hear him live.

Damh also shares some poetry on his website.  I'd especially suggest his poem The Corn King.  If you're not familiar with the tale of the Corn King, also known as John Barleycorn, here is a good article.  It may seem far away now, but Lughnassadh, the day the Corn King is usually associated with, is right around the corner!

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