Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pagan Social Networking Sites

For most of my practice, I was a completely solitary Pagan.  I did not participate in groups of any kind.  As an introvert in general I did not feel comfortable interacting with others about something so private and important, and indeed, I didn't really feel the need for companionship in my path.  However, I have always enjoyed connecting with others online, and there are a variety of websites to help you find support and companionship.

Of course, one of the most well-known pagan resources on the web is WitchVox.  This site has been in existence since 1997 and is a great clearinghouse for Pagan/Wiccan news, blogging, and networking.  WitchVox was actually how I found Ancient Oaks in the first place.  The group turned out to be a great fit for me when I really did start to need the support and companionship of other Pagans.  Here is a link to the listing for our Pagan Round Table group run by High Priestess Kat and High Priest Troll.  We also have a listing for the Ancient Oaks Group.

Another networking site is PaganSpace.  It contains a variety of news, blogs, social groups, and event listings.

The Pagan Veil has a lot of informational articles in addition to the ability to connect with others of various paths and experience levels.

Pagan Friends is a UK-based networking site that contains a wiki, forums, blogs, and plenty of chatter from folks around the world.

The Book of Shadows site has been newly redesigned to include message boards, a library of articles, and a forum.

And finally, Witchbook is a forum-style site with a very wide variety of topics and interest groups.

If you've used any of these sites please let us know what you think!  Which sites do you use to connect with other Pagans?

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